Screen Reader for Joomla! is an amazing and lightweight plugin that will add accessibility features for reading contents of any length to all users with accessibility issues and embed controls to adjust font size of the text on your site or apply the Dyslexic Font to improve readability to visually impaired people.

All is completely integrated in your Joomla! site and no additional resources are needed for you or for users, simply install plugin and all is done!

It has a lot of additional features to improve the accessibility of your contents such as:

  •Font sizing
  •3 high contrast modes
  •Dyslexic font
  •Gray hues
  •Enlarged cursor
  •Text spacing
  •Skip to contents
  •Focused elements highlighter

Screen Reader will show in frontend as a little toolbar that you can position at the top or at the bottom of the page. It supports multiple read mode with override, you can click on 'Play' button or use one single access key to start reading the main content of your pages! The toolbar shows controls for screen reader, font size, Dyslexic Font, high contrast, etc. You can also choose to disable certain features if not needed.

More over if you select a specific text part on pages Screen Reader will read only the selected text with a priority algorithm. This ensures that users who need to use access keys can read the whole contents of your pages in a single keystroke. Thanks to a CSS3 selector parameter main content area of pages can be adjusted to work on every Joomla! template. Additional controls are provided like: pausing and resuming reading, stop and playback, volume adjustment.

Full support for access keys is available, so that users can control reading using keyboard following WCAG specifications. Using access keys users can control both screen reader and font size buttons. Screen reader is based on an advanced algorithm for the generation of the voice, so that users will be able to listen to a natural reading with interpretation of punctuation.

Make your site ACCESSIBLE NOW! 
Install this plugin accordingly to WCAG requirements! 
All browsers and all mobile devices supported with HTML5! 

Edition 61, April 2021

Inclusive Tech

Screen Reader 3.29