Saarthi can be attached to the white cane and the user will be able to sense the obstacles through feedback in the form of a buzzing sound and vibrating sensations. A powerful battery and microcontroller have been used to make it more effective and long lasting with the availability of three accurate ranges. The user can use the device with a cane to find directions & obstacles in unfamiliar territories, whilst the device can be used independently in familiar regions for obstacle detection. 

Saarthi comes with built-in detection sensors which helps the user easily and accurately identify the surroundings for the person using the device. The battery lasts for 30 days which saves the inconvenience of charging again and again. This unique and ergonomically designed product is extremely simple to use after a training of mere 5minutes. 

Product Utility: 

• Reduction in Collision Rate

 • The increase in Obstacle Awareness

 • The increase in the confidence of the user  

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"Saarthi", provides 99.7% Obstacle Detection Accuracy in all possible setups including closed rooms (within 2 feet), lobbies (within 4 feet) and streets & open areas (within 8 feet). Saarthi is ergonomically designed, battery efficient device that can be used standalone or can be attached to any white cane. Saarthi is an innovative product which can be used to sense the surroundings by the visually impaired people, which will help them in navigate into their dark world. 

Edition 61, April 2021

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Saarthi - New Smart Cane