Tatvika – The New Reality product.

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Inclusive Tech

At Punarjeeva Technology solutions, we aim at providing game therapy-based platform for enhancing the overall fine and gross motor skills, along with their cognitive and intellectual capability. Though we have a range of products, the focus of this article is on Tatvika – The New Reality product.

The product provides immersive learning through Virtual Reality platform with games, learning materials which will improve the limb movements and cognitive capabilities of children. TATVIKA can be defined as a reimagined game therapy solution for people with motor, neuromuscular and cognitive difficulties. The platform provides 360-degree videos to learn the day-to-day skills and activities necessary for enabling social skills. The platform is bundled with new environments and  limitless resources for their learning, self-care, and special education. The aim is to leverage motor, cognitive and overall development accompanied by improvement in confidence, self-encouragement, and other behavioural aspects. The major features of TATVIKA are:

1.       360-degree relevant videos for the children taken with the help of the faculties of the school.

2.       Native scenarios tailored and customized for the school along with the stakeholders for learning and special education.

3.     Games played using real objects (cricket) to create more physio-motor and cognitive enablement.

4.       Virtual opportunities for children to empower them face the real-world scenarios.

5.       A complete rehabilitation platform with interactive and cognitive learning.

Edition 61, April 2021

In today’s era of technological revolution, every aspect of mankind is touched by the digital products and solutions. Technology is being used to make our lives easier, our homes smarter and our work faster. However, when it comes to the therapy of the differently abled children, there is still a large dependence on the conventional methods of therapy and rehabilitation. It is necessary to ensure that this society is also provided equal opportunities of technological intervention to make their lives better.