Assistive Voice Technology for people with a voice disability and people who stutter severely. Whispp’s language-independent AI technology and calling app converts whispered speech and vocal cord-impaired speech into a clear and natural voice of your choice, without any delay. By providing recordings, your Whispp voice will even sound like your own healthy voice! With the Whispp app, you can reach anyone you want on their mobile or fixed number. The other person does not have to download the app. You can ask family and friends to do so. Whispp is free for them and they can always call and video call you on your Whispp app. For Whispp, your articulation quality should be good enough but It doesn’t matter how your voice sounds. Whispp works for al kinds of voice disabilities and voice types, ranging from soft whispers to rough esophageal speech. Your Whispp voice even sounds like natural speech when you use an Electrolarynx.

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Edition 97, April 2024