Innovative Ideas 

Edition 97, April 2024

Wheely-X is made for wheelchair users' overall fitness sustainability and enhancement. Users can use their own manual-type wheelchairs to roll on Wheely-X and enjoy fitness content with cardio workouts. 

Fitness is crucial, especially for someone who is seated every day. Wheely-X is a product developed and patented by Kangsters own technology. 

-2 sensors attached to the rollers measure your left and right arm balance separately. 
-Course Training mode can guide you through different combinations of movements suited for your own level. 
-Keep track of your record in your history tab to visualize your data and set higher goals each day. 
-For multiple users in 1 device, add unlimited profiles to have personalized data on training.  

From 2023, You can download Wheely-X in IOS and Android(2023 Mar) on your tablet or smartphone.