Innovative Ideas


Edition 77, August 2022

An excellent solution in Health management for wheelchair users, by wheelchair users to track positioning so wheelers can identify red flags.
loop+ is a sensor pad that fits under the cushion of the wheelchair to continuously track seated position, pressure and body movement effortlessly in the background as riders go about their day. It connects to a mobile app that shows you how your pressure is distributed in real time as well a summary of your activity each day. 

"One of our doctors who uses loop+ called it the Fitbit for your butt. We like that," shares Kath.

This helps families feel confident in the continuity of their child's care when they are not around. "loop+ provides a real time guide for the most appropriate positioning for that person. Everything is personalised," Kath continues.

The App Alerts Caregivers for Children Who Can't Speak That’s Amazing !!

For adult wheelchair users it's about taking charge of their own health and having the evidence to show clinicians what is going on with their body. 

"While recovering from an acute pressure issue, I found the device great for regularly checking my pressure situation and making adjustments. loop+ showed me just how long I was sitting still in my wheelchair each day. Based on this information I changed my routine to get out of chair on days when I had back-to-back meetings."

"It's reassuring to know that it's there and collecting data about my daily behaviours that I can review and check to see that my pressure situation is still going ok."