Empathic app helps carers interpret the emotions expressed by nonverbal (nonspeaking) people as they vocalise. Artificial intelligence analyses voice recordings of between 3 and 10 seconds before interpreting up to 10 emotions. Empathic is designed for individuals who are not able to use existing communication aids. There are very few assistive technologies to support those who live with severe or profound brain injury, autism, learning disability, stroke, dementia and numerous other conditions. Years of testing indicates that Empathic could enhance the lives of people who use fewer than 20 reliable, functional words.  Typically, there are one or two people who understand each nonverbal individual, but there can be many others in their circle of support. Empathic can help carers, teachers, family members, and friends to understand when a nonverbal child or adult is enjoying an activity and when they are bored or confused.

New app interprets the emotions of nonverbal people

Edition 93, December 2023

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