TippyTalk is a unique AAC app: TWO-WAY communication tool for nonverbal and speech-impaired users. TippyTalkers create a simple sentence by selecting illustrations. This becomes a written message read aloud OR SENT to a member of the TippyTalker's private community, who can RESPOND with video or audio. 

The TippyTalk Manager, often a family member, can set up the app in less than 30 minutes from an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. The manager creates communication "cards" for the TippyTalker using the included SymbolStix library and/or personal images. The private TippyTalk community becomes a social network for the TippyTalker. Two-way communication through a private social network sets TippyTalk apart from other AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) solutions.


Edition 93, December 2023

Innovative Ideas