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It’s important to keep fit even if you are a wheelchair user. However, going to a gym is not always straightforward. Even if the place is accessible and has suitable equipment, it often still requires a second person with you to help you set the equipment up.

Fusion Wheel

Edition 82, January 2023

We finally have an all-in-one portable gym designed by wheelchair users, for wheelchair users. The Fusion Wheel attaches quickly and easily to a wheelchair using the supplied ‘Fusion T’ fittings and loops, allowing you to set up the equipment without the need for assistance.

             Affordable, portable and compact, the Fusion Wheel all-in-one wheelchair gym removes the need for large expensive pieces of fitness equipment cluttering up your home.

            Included with the Fusion Wheel is a comprehensive training and setup guide with easy and clear-to-read instructions and exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. The guide includes over 100 individual exercises covering all muscle groups in the upper body and each exercise details which muscle groups are being used and which accessories are needed per exercise.