The event in Chennai was supported by The Good Quest Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation founded with an objective to work for a tangible impact in the lives of the less privileged, down trodden and marginalized in the Community. 

This thoughtful initiative looks into the challenges of the standard packaging which requires customers to use both their hands to truly enjoy the delicious McDonald’s burgers. EatQual addresses this challenge and ensures that people with limited upper-limb movement can now enjoy their favourite McDonald’s burger just like everyone.

McDonald’s India launched the packaging by hosting individuals with limited upper hand mobility in their restaurants across Mumbai, Pune and Chennai who enjoyed their favourite burgers in the new EatQual packaging. 

McDonald’s India unveils new EatQual packaging specially designed for customers with limited upper hand mobility 

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, saw a first of its kind launch of EatQual – a special pack for customers with limited hand mobility by McDonald’s India West and South. With this, the brand has become the first food player in India to have undertaken such an initiative. 

Edition 60, March 2021

Inclusive Efforts - EatQual