Ara by Strap Technologies

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Innovative Ideas 

The assistive device cleverly adapts to the wearer’s walking speed; if the user is walking quickly, the technology will detect potential obstacles from further away.

According to Strap Technologies, Ara decreases the probability of accidents up to 80 percent due to undetected objects.

Ara is a wearable, hands-free device with sensors that transcribes the environment, providing blind or visually impaired users with support to move faster and safer throughout their everyday lives.

​Ara’s sensors gather real-time information from the wearer’s surroundings (head, chest, and below the waist), warning them about potential hazards via haptic feedback. Ara’s main features (obstacle detection and straight line navigation) communicate to the user through haptic feedback. It has a sequence of vibrations specific for each situation.

Edition 84, March 2023