Soundscape provides information about your surroundings with synthesized binaural audio, creating the effect of 3D sound. It can run in the background in conjunction with navigation or other applications to provide you with additional context about the environment. Your phone, in hand or in pocket, tracks movement using location and activity sensors, and lets you move toward a self-set audio beacon. Soundscape runs on iPhone SE, iPhone 6S or later and is compatible with most wired or Bluetooth stereo headsets.

Edition 62, May 2021

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Microsoft Soundscape is a product from Microsoft Research that explores the use of innovative audio-based technology to enable people to build a richer awareness of their surroundings, thus becoming more confident and empowered to get around. Unlike step-by-step navigation apps, Soundscape uses 3D audio cues to enrich ambient awareness and provide a new way to relate to the environment. It allows you to build a mental map and make personal route choices while being more comfortable within unfamiliar spaces. Soundscape is designed to be used by everyone and live in the background; therefore, feel free to use it in conjunction with other apps such as podcasts, audio books, email and even GPS navigation!

Microsoft Soundscape 4+ - A map delivered in 3D sound

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