Inclusive Ideas

Envision App

Edition 74, May 2022

Envision App offers a range of visual recognition features that enables blind and visually impaired users to independently access visual information around them.

It excels in all kinds of text recognition, with ability to read in over 60 languages. Be it handwritten notes, a cereal box or that book you want to dive into. Envision provides a range of functions – it can describe scenes around you, detect colors in the most descriptive way and also scan barcodes and QR codes of products. Envision as a scanner to look for people and things around you. If you need to find the cup you left on the kitchen counter, or a trash bin in a room, simply scan around with your phone and Envision will find what you are looking for. This also works when you're looking for people in general, or want to find a specific friend or colleague in a new place.