Sullivan+ app

It is a visual-aid app provided by TUAT Inc. to enhance the accessibility of the visually impaired and low vision users and informs users who need visual aids about information perceived via the smartphone camera. 

Features include-

  • AI mode-AI automatically finds the best results that fit the taken photos.
  • Text Recognition - Finds a text and tells you by sound. Point the camera on the place you want text recognition.
  • Face Recognition - It recognizes a person photographed with a camera and tells the person's age and gender.
  • Image Description - Identifies objects around you and creates a sentence that describes the identified scene.
  • Magnifying glass function - Using the zoom function of the camera, it enlarges or reduces an object or text or inverts the color.

※ Sullivan+ can be used only on iOS 13.2 or higher.


Inclusive Ideas

Edition 74, May 2022