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The device enables people who would otherwise struggle through a disability access key software which is important to their day to day living, as well as helping control media such as Spotify and Netflix. Filisia’s Cosmo system supports learners with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and other conditions. Cosmo is available through the Filisia website ( or through Amazon in the UK and US.

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Cosmo Switch

New product launch: Assistive Technology company, Filisia, announces the launch of Cosmo Switch, a next-generation accessibility controller for people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Assistive technology company Filisiaannounces the launch of Cosmo Switch, a smart wireless accessibility device, specially designed to support people with cognitive and physical disabilities accessing their computers, tablets and other devices.

​Filisia’s Cosmo Switch (called a ‘Cosmoid’) is made of incredibly durable materials meaning despite its sensitivity it can withstand heavy use. A highly dynamic device, users can decide on the input characters, colours, responsiveness, brightness and light modes.

Edition 68, November 2021