Innovative Ideas 

Now you can move an object with your eyes or move around with the slightest shift of a muscle.

The Naqi technology is an invisible human-to-machine interface that uses gyroscopic sensors and biosensors to read nearly imperceptible body movements — the tilt of a head, the blink of an eye — to send signals that can control virtually any smart device.

It enables the user to use any digital device and navigate virtual worlds, AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) and the metaverse, as well as hard technologies like wheelchairs.

No brain implant, no hands, no voice or screens are required. The non-invasive technology can be tucked into earbuds, eyeglasses or virtually any wearable medium and operates via blue tooth

“This offers opportunities to turn heat on and off, adjust volume on television, or perform a wide variety of functions just through tilting the head, or moving a muscle in the eye or the jaw.

“For quality of life, all people with disabilities are dependent on technology. The better the technology, the better the quality of life.”

Edition 92, November 2023

Inventions of 2023-Human-to-Machine interface a reality