Inclusive Ideas


Although portions of the eyes are damaged or not working , those who are legally blind do retain limited sight, often concentrated in their peripheral vision. eSight heightens the function of the parts of the eye that are still working to compensate for the parts that aren't. The head-mounted display houses a small camera that captures everything the wearer is looking at in live video footage. The device's algorithms enhance the footage before displaying it on two high-resolution screens, in real time.

Through eSight's remote control, a built-in trackpad on the side of the headset, you can make adjustments (a boost in brightness, higher contrast, or increased sharpness) to enhance the quality of the image you're seeing. Users can autofocus on all distances: short (read the latest paperback or restaurant menu); medium (scan your computer screen); or far (get a good view of the concert stage). One feature, the “biopic tilt,” lets users adjust the device, flipping it up or down to move between enhanced and “natural” vision (to make eye contact).The device also allows you to tap into the display of your smartphone, so you can stream content from your phone or TV directly to the screen in front of your eyes.

Edition 67, October 2021