It is a great, awesome, customizable, FREE app. 

Sounding Board is a simple yet effective AAC communication board for children or adults who are non-verbal or for students who may "freeze" in an emergency and cannot get their words out.

The app is preloaded with 14 boards with the option of 9 pictures per board depending on the needs of the user. AbleNet has an extensive library of pictures to change photos. There is also the option of using your own photos for certain boards. The other nice feature is the option to use your own voice when editing pictures such as your name and phone number.

Innovative Ideas

Edition 79, October 2022

You can create your own boards from 1-9 squares and insert your own pics, pics from their library, or pics from the internet. Editing the board is also very user-friendly. Caretakers, teachers or therapists just turn off the edit lock in the settings and simply go to the board they want to edit and either add or delete pictures You record your own voice for each picture.

Sounding Board