Chinese startup LLVision Technology has launched eyewear for people with hearing disabilities that converts speech into text, reported Nikkei Asia.

LLVision creates augmented reality (AR) optical and display modules. Its businesses include designing and manufacturing AR devices, developing AR-related software and algorithms, and software-as-a-service, or SaaS.

The company utilized data from its own surveys to create AR products for the hearing disabled community.

When communicating in-person, people with disabilities may rely on lip reading, which can sometimes result in misunderstandings.

LLVision aims to fix these issues using neurolinguistic programming — an important aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) — which allows almost instant speech recognition to enable accurate translation of text.

LLVision has combined machine translation with AR glasses and voice recognition functions from VolcEngine — a big data and AI unit of Chinese tech company ByteDance — to create text platforms for people with hearing disabilities.

Text is displayed clearly with very little delay, even in conversations with numerous people from different distances and directions. The company says the eyewear technology is so advanced that it can even differentiate homonyms based on speech context.

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Edition 66, September 2021

Chinese startup creates AR eyewear that converts speech into text