Edition 66, September 2021

Sravi - Speech Recognition For The Voice Impaired

Inclusive Ideas

Liopa, a company that's developed AI-based lip-reading technology, created an app called Sravi that's designed to recognize specific phrases by analyzing lip movements. 

Sravi has been helpful in intensive care units .ICU clinicians tend to use tracheostomies to wean patients off of ventilators, which prevents the patients from talking. Those patients can benefit from an app like Sravi.

Clients use the app by downloading it to their phone or tablet and then holding the device up toward a patient. Sravi captures video of the patient speaking, and a deep neural network maps lip movements to figure out what someone is attempting to say. That information can be sent back to the health care provider's phone or tablet in textual form or as a synthetic voice.

Website: https://www.sravi.ai/